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Family History: Cawood, Hulley & Landless, and allied families


David Barlow, who created and maintained this web page and the genealogical and other information on it, died on Saturday 15 June 2002.

For the last 15 years or so, David derived considerable pleasure from learning about computers and the web and obtaining, recording, collating and disseminating information, particularly about the ancestors and families of himself and his wife, Deidre. The genealogical records on this site are the result of his work, although deliberately he has not published on the site any information about people still alive, so far as he knows. He also has further information about some live people, which is on an expanded version of the database on his personal computer. He has assembled a considerable amount of information, some of which is probably not recorded here but which he was happy to send to individuals with a genuine interest in it.

Davidís family intends to maintain this site, in its present form, for the foreseeable future, so that people may benefit from his work. Please feel free to take information from it in due course. Unfortunately, although David was keen to share information with others, at present no-one else in the family has the knowledge or time to take over his role in the near future, so please do not write to his email address seeking further information. However, if you do wish to provide further information, which may be useful should his family wish to add to the existing database in the future, please feel free to write to

To those of you who shared information with David, thank you.

This site is now specifically a genealogical site. If anyone is interested in the rest of the rhubarb I was playing around with - words and language, poetry, quotations, interesting websites, proverbs and personal ramblings, among others - I am transferring them to another website where I can continue to play around with them (or neglect them) as hitherto.

Cawood and Hulley are two strings to the bow which shot this particular arrow, and Landless is the family which after centuries of trying produced, at a suitable place and an appropriate time, my wife.


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David Barlow

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