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The following list consists of surnames of my ancestors, together with the dates of birth of the first known one and the last known one, and the countries or counties in which they lived. I would be glad to hear from anyone researching these names, so that we may try and link up and exchange information.

ARMSTRONG, c1745/1779, Scotland, Ireland

ATKINS, c1720/c1750, England

BARBER, c1778, Yorks

BARLOW, 1620/1883, Lancs, Yorks, S.Africa

BATTY, 1678, Keighley, Yorks

BOOTH, c1687, Lancs

BRANGAN, 1786, Bandon, Ireland

BUCKLEY, c1695/c1721, Yorks

BUTLER, 1715, Yorks

CAWOOD, c1690/1851, Yorks, S.Africa

CLEGG, c1560/1708, Lancs

COLLINS, 1793, Essex

COSFORD, c1742, Essex

ECCLES, c1740/c1764, Yorks

EGAN, 1820, Drogheda

FARRAR, c1660/1804, Yorks, Durham

GREAVE, c1616, Lancs

HALLOWES, c1666, Lancs

HARDWICK, 1798/1827, Yorks

HEAP, 1680, Yorks

HELLIWELL, 1704, Yorks

HULLEY, ULLEY, c1535/1815, Yorks, S.Africa

JONES, c1655/c1731, Lancs

KENWORTHY, c1717/1748, Yorks

KETTERELL, c1610, Yorks

LAURENCE, c1710/c1762, Essex

LISTER, c1691/1732, Yorks

MIDGLEY, 1695, Haworth, Bradford, Yorks

MURRAY, c1745/1810, Scotland, Ireland

MURRELL, c1737/1861, Hants, Essex, S.Africa

MYCHELL, c1560, Yorks

NORVAL, 1750/1875, Glasgow, S.Africa

NORVALL, 1808/1900, London, S.Africa, Rhodesia

RENSHAW, c1640, Lancs

SMITH, c1705/1756, Yorks, Lancs

SOWDEN, 1674/1750, Yorks

STOCK, c1550/c1670, Lancs

SWALLOW, c1640, Yorks

TAYLOR, 1606, Lancs

THORPE, c1710, Yorks

TURNER, c1747, Yorks

WALKINGSHAW, c1810/c1838, London

WEBSTER, c1680, Yorks

WHARIN, c1766/1839, Yorks, Co.Roscommon

WILSON, 1706, Bingley, Yorks

WRIGLEY, c1620/1781, Yorks

Below are the ancestral surnames of my wife Deidre's family. They include details of the range of their birth dates, and the countries, counties or places of residence. If you are interested in any of these names, please let me know, and we may be able to exchange information.

BELDING, c1840/1906, Kent, S.Africa, Rhodesia

BOWER, c1805, Yorks

BUCHANAN, c1520/c1603, Scotland

CAMPBELL, c1550/c1635, Scotland

CLEGG, c1837, Lancs

COOPER, c1840, England

DUERDEN, c1775/c1811, Lancs

GROSVENOR, c1740/c1857, Yorks, Staffs

HARTLEY, 1858/1884, Yorks, Lancs, Rhodesia

HEWITT, c1760, Lancs

LANDLESS, c1735/1907, Scotland, Northumberland, Lancashire

LOWE, c1740, Yorks

McALPIN, c1370, Scotland

McCULCHERE, McCOULKEIR, c1475/c1520, Scotland

MacDONALD, c1595, Scotland

McEANTYRE, c1520, Scotland

McFARLANE, c1420/c1445, Scotland

MacGREGOR, c1300/1695, Scotland, Balquhidder, Glengyle

MacGRUTHER, 1785, Stirling, Lancs

McNICHOL, c1712, Perthshire

MORGAN, 1830/1872, London

RICHARDSON, c1845, England

STEWART, c1475, Scotland

VARLEY, c1780/c1835, Yorks, Staffs, Lancs