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The Landless File (Part II)

The Landless File (Part II)

Sixth Generation

50. Stephen LANDLESS b. c1856.

  • i. Mary Elizabeth LANDLESS b. c1875. 93
  • ii. Maurice LANDLESS b. c1882.
  • iii. Carrie LANDLESS b. c1884, m. c1905, ----- GERRISH.

    51. Ralph LANDLESS b. c1860.

  • i. Florence LANDLESS b. c1884, m. c1910, -----CUNLIFFE, b. c1888.
  • ii. Mabel LANDLESS b. c1885, m. c1905, ----- HAWORTH, b. c1881.

    52. John William LANDLESS b. c1862, Nelson, Lancs, m. Margaret Anne GRIMSHAW, b. 1863, (daughter of John GRIMSHAW and Nancy CHADWICK) d. 1939.

  • i. William LANDLESS b. c1890.

    53. James Thomas LANDLESS b. c1867, Nelson, Lancs.

  • i. Reginald Knight LANDLESS b. c1895.

    54. Jane LANDLESS b. c1870, m. c1892, ----- ODDIE, b. c1867.

  • i. Charles William ODDIE b. c1895.
  • ii. Margaret Ann ODDIE b. c1897.
  • iii. Lillian ODDIE b. c1900.
  • iv. Evelyn ODDIE b. c1901, m. c1920. 94

    55. John Edward LANDLESS b. c1866, Brierfield, Lancs.

  • i. Edward Stanley LANDLESS b. 1898. 95

    56. Abraham Clegg LANDLESS b. c1869, Brierfield, Lancs.

  • i. John McGregor LANDLESS b. 1899, m. c1925, Grace -----, b. c1903, d. c1970.

    57. Richard D LANDLESS b. c1874, Brierfield, Lancs.

  • i. Edward LANDLESS b. 1900. 96

    58. Charles McGregor LANDLESS b. 25 Sep 1878, Brierfield, Lancs, m. 1905, Aubrey HARTLEY, b. 1 Aug 1884, (daughter of Joseph HARTLEY and Frances GROSVENOR) d. 1970, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, buried: Colonial Cemetery, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia. Charles died 1946, Chisamba, Northern Rhodesia, buried: Colonial Cemetery, Rhodes Park, Lusaka.

  • i. Joseph Eric McGregor LANDLESS b. 9 Apr 1907. 97

    59. George BROTHERTON b. c1867.

  • i. William Landless BROTHERTON b. c1887.
  • ii. Cynthia Louise BROTHERTON b. c1888, m. c1910, ----- KELLAR, b. c1886.
  • iii. Frances Mary BROTHERTON b. c1889, m. c1911, ----- HIGGS, b. c1886.

    60. Oliver BROTHERTON b. c1867.

  • i. Helen BROTHERTON b. c1892.
  • ii. Elizabeth BROTHERTON b. c1894.

    61. Lucy Ann BROTHERTON b. c1868, m. c1890, ----- MUNDELL, b. c1866.

  • i. Rex MUNDELL b. c1892.
  • ii. Dorothy MUNDELL b. c1895, m. c1916, ----- ROBERTS b. c1885.

    62. Helen BROTHERTON b. c1870, m. c1892, ----- GRAHAM, b. c1868.

  • i. Mary GRAHAM b. c1895. 98
  • ii. Helen GRAHAM b. c1896, m. c1917, ----- BROWNE, b. c1893.
  • iii. Elizabeth Agnes GRAHAM b. c1897.
  • iv. Winifred GRAHAM b. c1898, m. c1920, ----- PHEAR, b. c1894.
  • v. Daisy GRAHAM b. c1900, m. c1920, ----- BRIDGEN, b. c1898.
  • vi. Gladys GRAHAM b. c1902, m. c1923, ----- FYFE.
  • vii. William GRAHAM b. c1904. 99

    63. John BROTHERTON b. c1872.

  • i. Claude BROTHERTON b. c1898.
  • ii. Harry BROTHERTON b. c1900.
  • iii. Grace BROTHERTON b. c1901, m. c1923,----- DRIVER.
  • iv. Constance BROTHERTON b. c1905, m. c1927, -----PRYCE.
  • v. Eileen M BROTHERTON b. c1907, m. c1930, ----- STRAUSS

    64. William BROTHERTON b. c1874, m. c1899, Mary E LANDLESS, b. c1878, (daughter of George LANDLESS and Annis MOUNTAIN.

  • i. Florence BROTHERTON b. c1900, m. c1922, ----- ROLLETT, b. c1898.
  • ii. Violet Emily BROTHERTON b. c1903, m. c1925 ----- SCOTT.
  • iii. Edith Evelyn BROTHERTON b. c1906, m. c1928, ----- WALKER.

    65. James BROTHERTON b. c1876.

  • i. Richard John BROTHERTON.
  • ii. William Edgar BROTHERTON.
  • iii. James Landless BROTHERTON.
  • iv. Walker Eric BROTHERTON.
  • v. Percy Hector BROTHERTON.
  • vi. Muriel Alice BROTHERTON. 100
  • vii. Louise Beatrice BROTHERTON m. ----- THOMAS.
  • viii. Florence May BROTHERTON m. ----- MEYER.
  • ix. Rhoda Mary BROTHERTON m. ----- HOOD.

    66. Thomas Mountain LANDLESS b. c1868, Little Marsden, Lancs.

  • i. George Fletcher LANDLESS.
  • ii. Philip LANDLESS.

    67. John Ralph LANDLESS b. c1871, Little Marsden, Lancs.

  • i. Barbara J LANDLESS m. ----- LEAROYD.

    68. Frances Rebecca LANDLESS b. c1874, Little Marsden, Lancs, m. ----- WALTON.

  • i. Doris Elizabeth Mancknols WALTON b. c1896, Lancs, m. in Lancs, ----- DUGDALE.
  • ii. Annis Mary WALTON. 101

    69. Hannah Elizabeth LANDLESS b. c1874, Little Marsden, Lancs, m. -----ROBERTS.

  • i. Michael ROBERTS.

    70. William McGruther LANDLESS.
  • i. Beatrice LANDLESS.
  • ii. Annis Mary LANDLESS.

    71. Mary E LANDLESS (See marriage to number 64.)

    72. Harry BALDWIN b. c1868.

  • i. Alice Margaret BALDWIN b. c1894, m. ----- DAVIES.

    73. Frank Cuthbert BALDWIN.

  • i. Richard Askew BALDWIN. 102
  • ii. William BALDWIN. 103

    74. Kate BALDWIN m. ----- BIGGS.

  • i. Ralph Percy BIGGS.
  • ii. Rosealie Isabella BIGGS.
  • iii. Winifred Effie BIGGS.

    75. Wilhelmina BALDWIN m. ----- SYMOND.

  • i. James Baldwin SYMOND.
  • ii. Thomas Harold SYMOND.
  • iii. Edmund Reginald SYMOND. 104

    76. Isabella LANDLESS b. c1871, Brierfield, Lancs, m. ----- SMITH.

  • i. Rowland SMITH.
  • ii. Edgar Landless SMITH.
  • iii. Harry SMITH.
  • iv. Marjorie SMITH.
  • v. Lucy SMITH m. ----- COFFEY.
  • vi. Herbert SMITH.

    77. Ellen Edith LANDLESS b. c1873, Brierfield, Lancs, m. ----- ARMISTEAD.

  • i. Thomas ARMISTEAD.
  • ii. Dorothy ARMISTEAD m. ----- BELL.
  • iii. Lillian ARMISTEAD m. ----- RENNIE

    78. Mary Elma LANDLESS b. c1875, Brierfield, Lancs, m. ----- METCALFE.

  • i. Edith METCALFE m. ----- JOLLY.
  • ii. Agnes METCALFE m. ----- BRIDGE.
  • iii. Annie METCALFE.
  • iv. Mary METCALFE.
  • v. Alice METCALFE.
  • vi. Elizabeth METCALFE m. ----- SMITH.
  • vii. Elma METCALFE m. ----- WILMORE.
  • viii. Ralph METCALFE.

    79. Charles Herbert LANDLESS b. 1880, Brierfield, Lancs, d. c1935.

  • i. Eric LANDLESS.
  • ii. James LANDLESS.
  • iii. Ronald LANDLESS.

    80. Sarah Le Nora DUGDALE b. c1873, Brierfield, Lancs, m. John BATES.

  • i. Frederick Mossley BATES.
  • ii. Harold Landless BATES.
  • iii. Rowland BATES.
  • iv. Leonard Dugdale BATES.
  • v. Edith Helen BATES m. ----- LANCASTER.
  • vi. Florence Lenora BATES.

    81. Ralph DUGDALE b. c1880, Brierfield, Lancs.

  • i. Lenora Evelyn DUGDALE m. ----- CRAWFORD.

    82. James DUGDALE.

  • i. Eva DUGDALE m. ----- COATES.

    83. May LANDLESS m. Joseph Preston WOOD.

  • i. Marjorie WOOD b. 10 Jan 1910. 105

    84. Percy LANDLESS.

  • i. Joyce LANDLESS m. ----- BOND.
  • ii. Richard Roy LANDLESS.
  • iii. Edgar LANDLESS.

    85. Landless DUERDEN b. 1872, m. (1) 1900, Sarah HUDSON, b. 1872, d. 1918, m. (2) 1919, Beatrice SCOTT. Landless died 1929.

    Children by Sarah HUDSON:
  • i. Margaret Edna DUERDEN b. 1902, d. 1996.
  • ii. Landless DUERDEN b. 1904, d. ?1962.
    Children by Beatrice SCOTT:
  • iii. John Clifford DUERDEN b. 1920. 106
  • iv. Edith DUERDEN b. 1925.
  • v. Betty DUERDEN b. 1927.
  • vi. Beatrice DUERDEN b. 1928.

    86. Verney Greenwood LANDLESS b. c1886, m. Edith -----. Verney died on active service 14 Oct 1917, Belgium, buried: Bleuet Farm Cemetery, Belgium.

  • i. Arthur LANDLESS.
  • ii. Harold LANDLESS.

    87. Hubert LANDLESS b. 3 May 1891, Nelson, Lancs, m. 26 Sep 1912, in Nelson, Lancs, Elizabeth Ellen BLAND, b. 9 Mar 1886, Bacup, d. 29 Mar 1968, Nelson, Lancs.

  • i. Gladys LANDLESS b. 15 Aug 1916. 107

    88. Ruth Clarinda FARNELL b. Blacko, Lancs, m. ----- RILEY.

  • i. Clarinda RILEY b. 1899. 108

    89. Thomas Henry PARK b. 1889, m. 1 Jan 1925, Mary Kathleen MILLS, b. 30 May 1903, (daughter of John MILLS and Louisa BULL) d. 1 May 1984. Thomas died 29 Jan 1932.

  • i. Mary PARK b. 1923. 109
  • ii. Gordon PARK b. 1924. 110
  • iii. Florence PARK b. 1925, m. (1) Jack CURRY, m. (2) Jack RUSSELL.
  • iv. Sheila Louisa PARK b. 2 Mar 1927. 111
  • v. Thomas PARK. 112
  • vi. June PARK b. 1937. 113

    90. Isabella Jane Park BROWN b. 17 Jun 1888, Leamington, Edingham, Nthmb, m. 1909, James LILLIE.

  • i. Hannah Jane Smith LILLIE b. 18 Mar 1918. 114

    91. William PARK b. 5 Apr 1897, Amble, Nthmb, m. 3 Apr 1920, Jane SMITH, b. 9 Jul 1898, Radcliffe, (daughter of John SMITH and Catherine RAINE) d. 21 Jul 1982, Amble, Nthmb, buried: Methodist Church, Amble, Nthmb. William died 16 Feb 1960, Amble, Nthmb.

  • i. John Smith PARK b. 6 Nov 1928. 115

    92. William Rigby Bannatyne LANDLESS b. 22 Apr 1904, m. Eva HOGG. William died 1973.

  • i. Ian LANDLESS b. 13 May 1933. 116

    And here, I am afraid, I must call it quits as far as public access to the Landless File data is concerned. I may already have trespassed too far on the privacy of people who are still alive, and if anyone feels offended by this, please let me know.
    Many of the people in the next (the seventh) generation of descendants of William Landless are alive, and some may object to having even very skimpy details about them, such as I have on this file, made public.
    I may think of a way of giving access by code to those who have a genuine interest if they contact me.
    I am also, of course, very happy to share information about recent generations of this family with anyone who has a genuine interest. All you have to do is contact me and let me know your interest.
    In the meantime, PLEASE e-mail me concerning any additions, amendments or corrections you may have to the file as published above and in Part I.


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